Unfortunately due to issues that will be explained at a later time Shelflyfe broke up in December of 2009. After almost 9 long years the band just reached differences and the members went seperate ways! We will post new info when it becomes available to us!

The band thanks all the fans and people that showed them love and support along the way! 


Shelflyfe, a 4 piece band from Rochester, NY have rolled out the summer of 2009 with a bang! They have definitely come ready to prove a great maturity with their new release “The Art of Solitude.” Songwriter/frontman Gustavus Gricius has cultivated their sound and brought a new batch of fresh poppy hook-laden songs. This album definitely showcases a new maturity. Kings of A&R accurately describes the band as “melodic-driven alternative rock with edge & pop sensibilities.” 

Shelflyfe decided to work once again with Producers Tony Gammalo (it dies today, chimaira, sw1tched) and Ben Schigel (drowning pool, breaking point, walls of jericho) at Spider Studios outside Cleveland, Ohio. The band spent January thru March recording and working the new tracks and will be launching it May 22nd, 2009! Be prepared for a smoother sound with a lot more strings and piano. There is also a nice gem at 6 called “Memories Broken,” which showcases just vocals, piano and cello! 

The band has also definitely grown into their own, as they have toured and played hundreds of shows, alongside bands like Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Three Days Grace, P.O.D., Fuel, Egypt Central, Flaw, Adema, Sw1tched, It Dies Today, Dope and many more. The live show has gained serious attention with great light designs and stage production! Gricius says “One thing that we always try to remind ourselves of is that all of those people out there every show are there spending their money to come share something with us, and we owe it to them to rock as hard as we can!” 

With renewed vigor, a hard work ethic, a love for what they do and a powerhouse new album, look for Shelflyfe to explode this year! Side note: Spider Studios is home to alumni like Drowning Pool (Windup), Allele (Corporate Punishment), Chimaira (Roadrunner), It Dies Today (Trustkill), Sw1tched (Immortal/Virgin), Breaking Point (Windup), Walls of Jericho (Trustkill) and many many more....